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No individual can win a game by himself.
— Pelé, Santos, Cosmos and Brazil


At Our Youth Soccer Organization, it is our philosophy to provide a safe environment and an opportunity for talented and committed individuals to play high-quality soccer — and grow as people — regardless of their financial resources. Donations are an important component of our success as they provide us with a greater opportunity to serve and benefit more families in our program.

Your contributions will:

  • Identify, secure, and pay the expensive yearly rental fees of much-needed outdoor field spaces for training and games.
  • Continue to provide financial assistance and a scholarship to unprivileged and talented players in our communities.  which is fundamental to the organization's core principle of inclusion.
  • Help us reach more kids and gain the ability to provide scholarships for more children whose families need assistance.
  • Continue to provide free training and games to our regular youth (not part of our competitive soccer program) in our communities and surrounding schools in the South Bay area.
  • To keep participation costs down, our club is one of the lowest almost 1/3 of what other organizations charge in our area for the same soccer competitive programs.
  • Continue to support our teams to pay the expensive tournament fees, especially the teams that compete at the highest level.
  • Buy more equipment and goals, and provide free cleats and uniforms for our children to those in need.

    We have a Non-Profit tax-exempt organization. All your donations are tax-deductible. You can send your donations using one of these methods:

    (1) Donate Using ZELLE . Over 1700 banks use Zelle to transfer funds.

    - Login to your bank account
    - Use Zelle service
    - send your donation (san Jose Youth Soccer) to chose Email: 
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 (2) Donate using Benevity - Giving & Matching.
Ask your company if they are using Benevity to support Non-profits and causes in our community.



(3) Donate using Brightfund - Giving & Matching
Ask your company if they are using Brightfund to support Non-profits and causes in our community.

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(4) Donate using Paypal Giving Fund. (Please add a 5% convenience fee to cover transaction fee service)

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Support your community with your donation.
We can list your name as a sponsor, if you have a business we can promote your business online and in our soccer events.



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