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A Study by the University of Notre Dame in Indiana found that:

• 36% of youth reported that coaches yelled at them during a game
• 26% of youth reported that coaches urged them to retaliate
• 48% of youth reported that coaches yelled at the referee
• 68% of youth reported seeing spectators yell at referees
• 43% of youth reported being teased by a fan

The innocence and joy of American Youth Sports has been corrupted. Rarely do kids get to "play” sports anymore. Instead, they get to "work” sports, a movement caused by the misguided notion that our kids need to specialize early and win at all costs to get that college scholarship and justify the investment made in youth athletics. Pay-to-Pay is the only available option to families. The romance is gone, the fun is gone, politics affect the decision making and sports are no longer play.

 As a result:

- 70% of young athletes are dropping out of organized sports before they reach high school.
- 60% of talented young athletes don't make it to the top teams in their clubs because of POLITICS and decisions based emotions and popularity. 
- Due to Pay-to-Play model we have, many gifted and talented players from unprivileged families can't play organized soccer and reach the top levels.
- Youth sports used to be about children competing against other children; now it is often adults competing against other adults through their children.
- Children quit sports when they don’t get to play, and when winning becomes more important than enjoyment.





Silicon Valley Eagles has strived to create a positive environment when we can see most games should be free of coach and parental stress - two of the biggest reason kids quit playing. We emphasize in developing Technical skills, confidence, motivation, and discipline necessary for further success on and off the field. We are trying our best to collect fund from other sources than Pay-to-Play model then fully sponsor talented unprvileged families. We have chosen our slogan "YOUTH SOCCER DEVELOPMENT WITH ETHICS". By applying Ethics and teaching ethical behaviors to players, Not only will players be challenged by our curriculum, their involvement will enhance life skills while creating good friendships with fellow players. Most importantly, we wish that all players leave with fond memories to share for years to come and become role models in their societies!


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Mission Statement

Silicon Valley Eagles seeks to provide the best possible learning environment and overall experience for the players in our programs through its relentless commitment to excellence and by demanding the highest standards of conduct. The highest priority for all SV Eagles coaches and staff is to develop players individually and within the team and putting into consideration the safety and well-being of youth players. A good coach coaches for the love of the game. Good youth coaches develop players, they don't recruit good players. A good coach supports, rewards, teaches, motivates and makes a sport fun. Other core values include personal improvement, enjoyment of the game, the pursuit of excellence, honesty, integrity, and supporting our community. We strive to assist our players and staff in becoming better individuals on and off the soccer field.

Our mission is to develop players who can compete at multiple levels. We strive for our players to have:

  • Technical excellence
  • Outstanding ethics character
  • Advanced speed of play
  • Highly developed competitive instincts
  • Instantaneous transition
  • Excellent levels of fitness
  • Excellent movement off the ball
  • The ability to defend well individually and in groups
  • Strong personality and self confidence


Our Objective 


The objective of the Silicon Valley Eagles YSA is to provide a year-round soccer training (semi-competitive and highly competitive) programs that will develop players to their greatest potential, focusing on top-quality instruction by qualified and experienced coaches working with children. Our long term plan is to make this club fully sponsoring talented players from underprivileged families. The selection of the players will be upon tryouts with equal opportunity.Our head coaches are certified coaches with many years of soccer experience and with minimum of 2+ years of coaching experience working with children. We expect our coaches to take advantage of advanced courses and training content conducted by US Soccer, USSF, CYSA, US CLUB, international development academies and NSCAA.
Currently SV Eagles YSA will form a boys team and a girls team in  the age groups including Under-6 through Under-19. These teams will compete in 5v5/6v6/7v7/8v8/9v9/11v11 leagues throughout the Bay Area, and they will participate in tournaments throughout North California . It is our goal to offer these players a set, progressional curriculum designed by experienced and professional soccer educators and coaches which will challenge the individuals to ensure maximum success in an enjoyable and non-pressured environment. 

Visit our Programs section and Learning center to learn more about our soccer curriculum, programs, practice sessions and plans.

Youth Soccer Development with Ethics 


The main purpose of SV Eagles Soccer Academy is to develop high quality soccer players in and out the field. Our main focus for the young age players is on skills and technical development. Good youth coaches develop players, they don't recruit good players.
We use the US CLUB SOCCER 10 Basic Guidelines to coaching:

  1. To be a good educator
  2. Be a model and example to follow
  3. Being an exemplary or democratic leader
  4. Respect and be respected
  5. Knowing how to motivate
  6. Being a good communicator and offering constant positive reinforcement
  7. Passion for soccer and teaching
  8. Encourage creativity
  9. Creating helathy life habits
  10. Identify and develop soccer talent

We teach the players from a young age sportsmanship and good character, instill values, teach Ethical behavior and respect for society, develop confidence and a positive self image, and help youth reach their potential in life. Using Soccer is a good approach as the vehicle to achieve this purpose. Competition is important, but being competitive comes from putting the needs and priorities of our children first. Our philosophy is ‘teaching life lessons through sport, soccer, and fun’. We believe in the Childrens' Right to Play, children play Soccer because it is fun; our job is to assign players in their level and environment to achieve success, we have semi-competitive and for advanced players we have a higher Competitive programs. Furthermore we believe that kids can improve and develop fast and tremendously if we implement the 3 components of a strategic and engaging youth development  "Right Environment, Right Exercises, Right Message", the kids can improve and develop fast.




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